Shipping Service


GP Shipping Lines Ltd. is one of the leading shipping agency houses in Bangladesh who has been serving all types of vessels and handling a broad range of cargoes including Fuel oil and LPG tankers at the country’s ports, agency services of vessels calling at Chittagong, Mongla, Parya port( newly built 3rd sea port) and all LPG terminals in Bangladesh.

1. Declaring vessel with port and custom and to arrange with the respective port authority for berthing and unberthing of vessel with necessary pilot and tug boat services/assistance observing inward/outward formalities as per port rules/regulation.
2. Providing information of crews on board vessel to the local immigration authorities just prior arrival of vessel at port.
3. Ensuring the ship’s documentation complies with international regulations prior to custom inspection.
4. Preparing quarantine pre- arrival report (QPAR)
5. Informing customs authority about arrival of ship and reporting the details of cargo on board.
6. Logistics support in supply of provisions and fuel(if necessary).
7. Providing the cargo manifest to the appointed stevedore to work on board wherein details information of cargo to operate/handle.
8. Liaising with stevedores and terminal operators regarding the safe handling of cargoes such as containers, break-bulk and bulk liquids etc and ensuring that the ship’s master is aware of shore requirement/regulations.
9. Organizing crew changes, any related documentation s for the immigration purposes and arrangements of booking such as flights, hotel, transportation etc.
10. all sort of ship,s services/supply including repairs and maintenance.