Crew Handling

GP Shipping Lines Ltd. is clearly in top position for crew handling operation in Bangladesh ports. Around the country out of very few companies Uni-Global Business Ltd. is providing dedicated crew handling services to its valued clients/ principles as per PPE. Our team render services in such a manner that, all crew members can be embark/dis embark in to the vessel completely hassle-free in a shortest time with significantly low cost/ competitive price. We always gave priority to our valued crew member’s life safety and comfort.

1. Pre arrival notifications to owner and master for customs and immigration rules
2. Provide OK TO BOARD well in advance
3. Air ticket arrangements international and domestic
4. Obtain all kind of NOC in favor of crew members well in advance
5. Port customs and immigration formalities
6. Meet and greet
7. Airport pick up and drop
8. Hotel and accommodations
9. Suitable road transport
10. Suitable sea/water transport. Such, Tug and Launch hire
11. Notify owner/master for all crew members safe depart to or from the vessels
12. Notify weather and sea conditions to owner/ master
13. Track all the crew members from the departure airport up to the arrival airport